My experiences with social media

Being from China, the early social media I was and still am in touch with are Chinese ones, including QQ, Weico, Wechat and Douban. Not until I started studying in the UK in 2013 I began to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These social media for me so far are mainly tools to maintain my relationships with my families and friends. Therefore among all these social medias, my most frequently used ones are Wechat and Facebook. This former is for my families and friends from China and the latter one is for my foreign friends. There, however, is a increasingly fuzzy boundary between this dichotomy within my networks as some of my Chinese friends and foreign friends are like me using both of them.

Due to the large number of users, I understand that social media could be used as powerful instruments to promote oneself. For example, I myself follow some popular pages on Facebook and some public accounts on Wechat. Through 23 Things, I hope I could learn some skills about how to decently present and preferably effectively promote myself on these platforms. Furthermore, it also occurred to me that there are a plethora of social media, many of which I know little about. Thus, I also hope to explore some of these unfamiliar but useful online platforms through 23 Things.



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