Thoughts on TED talks

For this week’s post I would like to talk about TED talks, a podcast I have been using for two years now.

I first use TED talks when I was a master student majoring in sustainable tourism and found that there were quite a few interesting talks on the topic of sustainability. I started followed TED talk on Facebook, where they usually post/repost some inspiring and carefully selected talks. Since then I no longer only focused on sustainability but a wide range of topics. And personally I appreciate the fact that their Facebook page is quite active and I could usually spare a few minutes to watch some short talks while I am scrolling down Facebook. In fact, now I rarely will go on to their website to search for specific topics.

Albeit without specific focus, watching TED talk seems to have little to do with my research, it in fact helps me to acquires some good general knowledge. My research is on tourism and social science. Hence, it is important for me understand what is actually going on in the society. For instance, the latest talk that I watched is a powerful speech on preconception on transgender and how it affects their everyday life. Gender issue have always been an ongoing topics in social science and in recent years has render itself as a critical topic in tourism research. This talk in fact inspired me to think more about how gender can affect social life as well as tourism.

There is one thing that I also love about TED talks is that the speakers usually have very good presentation skills which makes me engaged with their speech effortlessly. In addition, it also urges me to think about how will I design my slides and present my research when the time comes.


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